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Random Japan

February 23rd, 2010 by admin

Just going through some photos from January’s trip to Japan, and found some cool random pics.

Slammed S14. I hated the original front end of the first series S14, but drop it this low, and it looks great.

Jinglish names are cool. Sexy Cramp is curious.

I usually go to Japan once a year, so it’s interesting to see new products on the shelves. Chocolate drinks were the trend for 2010, with this one and a Chocolate Beer catching my eye.

Australia is in a Vitamin water buzz, something which Japan and the US experienced maybe 5 years ago. Japan has now moved over to a Protein water trend.

I love steam buns, this was a 30th anniversary Pac-Man bun. Custard and nuts inside. Yum.

I heart rust

I think this was a video store? Immigrant? exactly.

No need to cover the load. Japanese roads are smooth.

H1 in Tokyo. It would be a struggle to drive on so many of the narrower streets.

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