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ThinkTANKPhoto update

February 18th, 2010 by admin

After finishing my first overseas trip with my new bag, which I initially review here I can now tell you all how it went. When packing for an OS trip I do take a fair bit of non photographic gear in my camrea bag, as it becomes my only carry on bag. Initially I thought that I wasn’t going to fit everything in, my former Lowepro bag had a large front pocket which would fit a stack of gear. But the TTP Airport Take Off only has two small outside pockets, which I use for emergency gear like spare USB cables, tissues, that sort of thing. When I finally loaded up all my gear into the TTP, I was amazed at how much more stuff I could fit in. It just kept eating anything I needed to take.

10 days of travels around Japan made me realise I should have never even attempted to carry 25 odd kilos on my back, a roller makes things so much easier. Having the ability to make it a backpack was perfect, as there were times I had to walk on dirt, up stairs, or just not roller friendly situations.

My only criticism of the Airport TakeOff was that if I load up the bag, and then the laptop bag, the laptop bag (artificial intelligence 17) doesn’t really fit easily into the backpack. If I have just the laptop in its bag, so no power supply or mouse or anything else, then it can fit. However most of the time the laptop stayed at the hotel, or I would carry that as it own shoulder bag. The other solution was to put everything into the main bag itself. So far it’s not the perfect bag, but it’s the closest thing I’ve used.

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  1. Sime Says:

    Hey Mark! Nice one – You should tweet this photo @thinktankphoto | I’m using some pics as our Twitter background and next week we’re starting a mini-baby-tiny competition.


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