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The Kids of Dubbo

January 5th, 2010 by admin

I recently flew to Dubbo for a charity event, involving some of the local kids.

Groups from local schools as well as several kids around the area, who were either suspended, or just didn’t go to school.

It was interesting to see many of the non-indigenous kids in their school uniforms.

While so many of the indigenous kids wore whatever was available.

I also let a few of the kids play with a camera of mine, which they all loved looking through and taking a few shots of their friends.

It was an eye-opening experience, to see how much of a struggle it can be to live in outback Australia.

I guess the local kids are presented with fewer opportunities to make something of themselves, so when charities such as the David Peachey Foundation try to help, supporting them is greatly needed and worthwhile.

3 Responses to “The Kids of Dubbo”

  1. Philip Tieu Says:

    Hi Mark, found my way here through Linhberg. If those kids are using your camera maybe you can tell us the story behind the Canon with a Nikon neck strap. Artistic statement, or just had it laying around?

  2. admin Says:

    Simply, Nikon make better straps than Canon. I had a few Nikon cameras in my time and always liked their straps. Canon ones always seem to fray, split and twist in a nasty way. I like to confuse people sometimes too :)
    Oh the camera in the last pic isn’t mine.

  3. Philip Tieu Says:

    Oh! I’ve never tried a Nikon strap before but to prove that I’m not a stubborn Canon fan-boy I’ll admit that Nikon makes a much better flash system than Canon. Until the 7D there was no good way to control Canon flashes off camera.

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