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December 9th, 2009 by admin

If you follow me on Twitter you would have known that I recently had the pleasure and privilege of touring with MC Hammer. MC Hammer had a few hits, but is best know (at least in Australia) for “You Can’t Touch This”. Hammer was in Aus on a promotional tour, launching Twitter and Facebook on XBOX LIVE, as well as Lips Number 1 hits, a kareoke style game. My role was to capture still and video images of the tour, media events, and private show events held at various nightclubs in Sydney and Melbourne.

Some of the highlights:

My first night of the tour I flew into Melbourne and headed direct to Rove. I walked into the hallways to meet; Rove, Hamish and Andy plus Megan Gale, Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte, Ben Elton, and the rest of the Rove crew. It was a bit of a surprise to walk into such a who’s who list of stars, but all of them were glad to meet Hammer. During the tour, I was amazed at his popularity, it seemed that everyone is a fan. Everyone wanted to meet him, and his positive outlook on life was infectious.

Rove, Hammer, the Madden twins, Peter Helliar.

Hammer’s packed schedule was filled with interviews, for TV, radio and print. Here was a flashmob performance and Hammer remained super cool enjoying their performance. Hammer is a true dancer and has a huge amount of respect for other dancers, meaning he gives them their full attention at a performance.

Hammer’s appearances at the XBOX LIVE events were amazing, the crowd erupted at each of his moves.

Erin McNaught with Hammer.

Hammer also spoke at a lecture for the Sydney Social Media Club, at UTS. This was a great event. The room was filled with students, academics, journalists and SMCSYD members. Most of which, at a guess, were not massive Hammer fans, however his speech sure converted those who weren’t. To blow away what was basically a room full of geeks, was truly amazing.

The lecture featured a live twitter feed behind each speaker. Almost all of the comments regarding Hammer’s speech were overwhelmingly positive, girls were posting that they wanted to have his baby.

Hammer seemed to enjoy himself.

The man, and his stage. Sound check at Home. Hammer was fastidious about the sound of his show, he wanted to give the very best that was possible at each venue.

Jackie O and Sophie Monk with Hammer. No matter where Hammer went, he blew away all who he met with is knowledge, professionalism, and entertainment. Be it with radio, TV or Microsoft senior management.

Hammer’s Sydney XBOX LIVE INSIDER event.

I also cut a few short videos filmed on the Canon 5D markII of the events held at Billboard in Melbourne, and Home in Sydney:

XBOX LIVE INSIDER TOUR – Melbourne from Mark Pakula on Vimeo.

XBOX LIVE INSIDER TOUR – SYDNEY – FINAL from Mark Pakula on Vimeo.

3 Responses to “Hammertime”

  1. anth Says:

    What an incredible experience this must have been. I heard MC Hammer on the radio when he was doing his tour and I was really surprised and impressed at how smart & articulate he was. I guess up until now we had only seen one side of him. Great shots as always, Mark.

  2. Ernest Says:

    AWESOME!! Looks like it was heaps of fun. Excellent work Mark – Fantastic pics and great video work man. You work is always super!!

  3. Josiah Says:

    I love that first twitter comment. Ahhh.. people.

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