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Nightmare shoot

November 23rd, 2009 by admin

The result turned into a dream worth having, but getting there was a bit of a nightmare.
The December issue of Street Machine hit the stands today (or tomorrow depending on your location) and the cover shot, feature spread and one side of the pull out poster are my shots. What were the dramas? Well, it was a combination of my availability, the car owner rebuilding the engine and availability of the studio. The feature shoot was first performed at RedBrickStudios in Brisbane, with the cover being a rig shot with a fading sun at a nearby alley. Taking a 1000hp machine like this down a relatively busy street was something I won’t soon forget, it seemed like the whole suburb came out to see what the racket was when the engine was running. The end result is what matters, and I think it’s a great cover, props to SM AD Gavin Morrison.

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