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October 28th, 2009 by admin

I have tried to avoid putting up food on this blog, there are plenty of other great sites to see that, such as BetheFoodie. But I was recently asked to photograph a range of dishes for a great restaurant in Sydney’s CBD. Min Young To is a Korean restaurant, which offers great food at good prices, but their ace card is that they are open 24 hours. When I have travelled to the US and Japan, I love the fact that stores and food places are open all sorts of hours and was always annoyed in Sydney in that the only choices you have to eat at 4am are Kebabs or McDonalds. As much as I like both of those, Korean food is usually a healthier and tastier alternative.

The brief for the menu was clean shots, so we used a blank piece of paper for the background, and two of my 580EXs on stands shooting through umbrellas. I shot plenty of angles for each dish, and everyone was happy with the results. I have shot little food in my time, which is good I think, as all I wanted to do during this shoot was sample every dish!

Korean style sushi

57 Liverpool St, Sydney.

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