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Out with the Old

October 18th, 2009 by admin

I finally bought an iPhone.
I initially bought one of the first 2G models, in an quest to make an easy dollar. The 2G models were not available in Aus, so importers were making strong sales on ebay. I picked one up, made it work here, and tried it for a few days. I didn’t really like it, so sold it at a profit. I struggled to type on the touch screen, thought the camera was terrible, got annoyed at how I couldn’t simply plug in my headphones, and didn’t see much of a benefit from it at all. I also hated the fact that to put music on it, I had to use iTunes, create playlists, and sync that with the phone.

My Nokia N95 8GB at the time could do everything the iPhone could, and was easy to use, compatible with everything I needed, and overall a safe and powerful phone. So why the change? The Nokia could do everything I needed, it had a decent 5mpx camera, played movies and mp3s well, and browsed the net at decent speeds. One reason though, it wasn’t really designed as a ‘net phone. For example, to tweet an image, (put an image on twitter) I had to take the photo, upload it to a host usually flickr, bookmark the flickr link, copy the address, paste it into a new tweet. That is of course, before twitpic could be used on the phone. Twitpic made things easier, but using the iPhone is an all together different animal.

The 3GS is a very powerful device. Not only in terms of hardware, but the whole app thing is pretty impressive. Most major banks have special apps created for the iPhone, and two photographic developments made me finally try an iPhone again. Adobe have released a photoshop application which so far seems pretty limited in it’s usefulness, however the second app is gaining massive momentum. Chase Jarvis is a Seattle based Commercial Photographer who has developed an app and a website which has caused a major impact on the next media photographic scene. The Best Camera, is an application and website, created on the tails of Chase’s exploits with his iPhones. Chase has released a book with photos taken on his iPhones. The world has embraced this app, and the philosophy of ‘The Best Camera is the one that’s with you’ and created a network of great photos. Take a look at his launch blog entry. I have only just started using the iPhone and its camera, however I plan to use it more and more. The video part is also pretty phenomenal. You can record, edit the clip on the iPhone, and with one click, upload to YouTube. Amazing. It is the first time I have ever downgraded a camera, (3mpx vs 5mpx) but in reality, with thanks to Chase, it is an upgrade.

One Response to “Out with the Old”

  1. Nick Says:

    It’s seldom a good idea to buy V1.0. I once bought a V1.0 Newton. Later I shot it with my .45…

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