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Garage Clean Up

October 18th, 2009 by admin

We have a pretty large garage, and it has been used for storage at various times; for us, my sister and her family, Carol’s sister and her family, the list goes on. With everyone back in the respective houses, it was time to finally sort out the mess in the garage. Along the way we found some sentimental items, and probably a few things worth something on ebay. We were both sick of storing junk, so if we hadn’t used an item in 12 months, it was out.

My first Sennheisers:

My father bought me these for a birthday present in my teens, and they got me through that era. They had a characteristic sound that I have been trying to obtain again without success.

My high school calculator:

Got me through 4unit maths.

My old HEAD skis:

Bought these on a trip to Germany when I was 14, they last almost 20 years. Probably the item I didn’t want to part with the most. Used them in 4 countries, these skis reminded me of many a fun ski trip.

And the best find of the exercise:

An original New York City Breakers Breaking Moves poster. Way cool. We kept this one.

We filled a 7 cubic metre skip bin.

2 Responses to “Garage Clean Up”

  1. Mike.V Says:

    That poster is so dope!

  2. Mikey Says:

    Man the headphones, the jordan calc and the skis… i remember all those… no no THE HUMANITY!

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