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Renee Slansky

October 4th, 2009 by admin

Shooting models isn’t quite as glamorous as it sounds. There is usually a lot to organise, make up, locations, lighting, etc etc. I’m glad I usually only have to worry about the lighting and the locations. For issue 79 of Auto Salon Magazine we were lucky enough to score a shoot with Renee Slansky, the model for Need for Speed SHIFT.

I spent most of my time working the cover shots, which were all full length standing up, and what our Art Director Michael managed to do with the cover blew me away.

Strobist-wise I used 2x 580EX’s with shoot through umbrellas for the rear catch lights and a pair of battery powered Broncolor Mobilite2 heads with Chimera softboxes for two key lights up front. They are amazing, very small, decent power, with super quick recycle times.

A special thanks to my friend Kelvin, who managed to help out with the location. Thanks!
A video of our shoot, including an interview with Renee is here

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  1. TJ Says:

    Awesome pics, awesome chick.

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