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Heading home

August 31st, 2009 by admin

We drove the Rav4 from Vancouver back to SEA-TAC airport. It took over 3 hours, as we had the border crossing to get through, and Seattle traffic. Not as much fun as it was on the way up, we really didn’t want to miss our flight back to LAX and then on to SYD.

Crossing the border back into the US wasn’t a drama, we did get asked some interesting questions, “how do you know each other?” and “can I see your e-ticket” after I said we were flying out from LAX. I guess it would be even more of a delay driving up from Mexico.

And so it was a packed flight from SEA to LAX, and a half empty flight on vaustralia to SYD. It was a brilliant flight, I was lucky in that I had a row to myself, watched 3 movies, slept a few hours (rare for me on a plane) and woke up to a sunny day in Sydney. There’s no place like home.

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