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August 31st, 2009 by admin

Well, I was a bit late with these posts, cus as soon as I landed back in Australia, I had a stack of work on, with very little time to update here. We spent 3 days in Vancouver and I liked it. It’s scenic city with plenty of water and mountains around. We did take a trip down Hastings St one night, which felt like we were on the set for Escape from LA. I only managed to grab a couple of snaps on the phone, as it was a busy time in Canada.

Typical Vancouver street, this is a main road heading towards Downtown.

It was surprising to see so many European cars in Vancouver, a lot more than we saw in the US. This classic 911 looked quite at home on the tree lined streets, the Evo X didn’t look out of place either.

This old Caddy was parked outside our hotel. Hot.

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