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Can’t lose

September 26th, 2008 by admin

Occasionally in the ASM office, we when aren’t on another deadline or feel a need to de-stress, we have the odd game of Poker. The buy-ins are generally quite small, as we try to keep it friendly.

Royal Flush

The other night William hit the best possible hand, a Royal Flush. It was a pity for him that only one other player was in that hand, we were all thankful that we folded early.
I find it amazing how popular Poker has become recently, my family has been playing cards for as long as I can remember. We occasionally played 5-card Poker, however more serious games like Canasta and Macau were more commonly played. So to have cards and a game like Poker become so mainstream is a pleasant surprise, but does take a little of the nostalgia away.

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  1. Mike.V Says:

    FYI: The odds of getting a Royal Flush is about 1/650000

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