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USA Day 4 – Canada

August 13th, 2009 by admin

Today we had to leave the USA for a few days, and drive up to Vancouver in Canada. This is my first trip to Canada, and I have wanted to come here for a long time, I have family in Ottawa and Edmonton, but unfortunately due to our tight schedule, won’t be able to catch up.

Along the way on the I5 it just so happened that there was a large premium outlet mall, perfect.

We only had limited time, as I wanted to make sure the border crossing didn’t delay us too much. So it was a bit of a rush hopping from store to store. In the Sony store I spotted this amazing portable bluray player with HD OLED screen. The picture quality blew my mind, but the US$1699 price tag did not.

Digital book readers are also cool, the screen is super easy to read, even in full light.

During lunch we went to the food court, where I spotted this system where you text your video request. It’s free and the video is displayed on the plasmas.

These are the US equivalent of Toffee Apples:

I just had to give one ago, and it wasn’t too bad, the caramel is chewy rather than crunchy

There wasn’t any special sale on, but some of the more popular stores such as COACH had security on the door only letting a certain number of people inside at a time.

I don’t know if this is a fake cigarette or some kind of fan system, but it drew a bit of a crowd.

We also spotted this cool ride in the car park:

Yup, they are 24s

The drive up to Vancouver was pretty scenic, smooth and easy. Crossing the border took less than 5 minutes, and we were back into the a country with the metric system, yay.

Made it and unloaded:

Thats the damage I did in a couple of hours, lucky I didn’t have a whole day.

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