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USA Days 2 and 3

August 12th, 2009 by admin

Days 2 and 3 of our trip were more of the same; wake up, rush to get ready, drive out to the track, shoot all day, come back, shower, upload, eat and sleep.

One thing I was looking forward to was driving an all American car. We get so few in Aus, and most of them aren’t all that special, so when the rental company order had Chevrolet Equinox on it, I was excited to drive it, it would be different at least. By the time we got to the rental counter at Seattle airport, they were all out of Equinoxs and left us with this:

It’s not a bad car, but I have driven plenty of rental Toyotas in my time, and even though I am driving on the other side of the road, it still feels like a boring Toyota rental. Oh, and driving here feels a little weird, but after a day or two its not too bad. We would be nowhere without satnav, so thanks Tomtom.

Our hotel was around 20min drive from the track, and like most race tracks around the world, is about an hour out of any major city. So finding a decent place to eat is a challenge. The first 3 dinners we had here were all burgers, first LAX, then McDonalds, and then Jack in the Box. No more burgers for me, unless we find an In and Out.

The hotel itself was decent, they didnt have any twin bed rooms, so we had to play rock paper scissors on who gets the fold out. I was happy with the outcome.

One super thing about US hotels, the bathrooms are normally huge.

We knew we were at the right place.

Spotted this cool Scion Xb on the way to the track, Snot Rocket: Pick It.

After we finished at the track we though we would find food asap, so not too far from the speedway we found a decent and affordable Mexican restaurant, and this DOS XX beer really hit the spot. (yes thats a standard glass next to it.)

Tomorrow we drive to Canada.

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