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USA Day 1

August 8th, 2009 by admin

We flew VAustralia from Sydney to L.A. and I liked it. You can notice the extra width in the seats when compared to a QF B747, the food was eatable, and there is a snack bar with chips, biscuits and drinks available to anyone throughout the flight. One highlight was the entertainment system, the 9-inch widescreen LCD is nice and big for economy, you can really see the extra quality in the movies and there was a good selection of films and shows available. One feature I really liked was the fact that they don’t turn the system off during the 30odd min decent,and 10-15min taxi to the terminal, you can continue watching and listening. Awesome.

After collecting out bags, rechecking them in, we walked between terminals at LAX, and the first thing that greeted us was a US Police car. Whenever I see a car like this it feels like its a movie prop.

Since we had some time to kill before flying up to Seattle, we grabbed some food in the terminal, there wasnt much choice so a nice cheese burger and Samuel Adams hit the spot. I also got asked for ID when ordering the beer.

We flew Alaska Air to Seattle, just over 2 hours on a totally packed flight with a stand by list a full page long. It seemed like the whole plane was asleep except for Cisco and I, as tired as we were, we really needed proper beds rather than a tight upright airline seat.

Finally landed in Seattle after around 22 hours travel time, there was just two of us, and this is our luggage.

I’m sure that will also grow once we manage to find a spare hour to hit a shopping mall.

More tomorrow.

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