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June 11th, 2009 by admin

Just landed in Melbourne again, I actually haven’t been here all that many times this year, if you count about 6 trips not that many. I usually enjoy my time here, but am always glad to come back home to Sydney. Here are a couple of N95 pics as I’m saving the SLR shots for another time and another place, i.e. Auto Salon Magazine.

Our longer than usual flight took us over the Snowy Mountains, which have had some major falls in recent days.


Our first stop was a major company located in the outer suburbs, and we stopped for lunch at nearby Springvale. Being a major Vietnamese community, the dish of choice was Pho. Rare beef and delicious.


Our beds for the night are at the Victoria Hotel. It’s rather historic and not in a particularly nice way. Looks like we will be spending a lot of time outside of the rooms.


More tomorrow.

2 Responses to “MEL”

  1. Marta Says:

    How come you always show us what you eat when you are away?
    What a fantastic snow picture, I like it.

  2. MickyD Says:

    Was that Pho shot taken at Minh Ky? Great (and cheap) Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale out the back of a dodgy car park :)

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