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Box Car

May 29th, 2009 by admin

I have a friend who has some nice cars, his current play thing is an original KGC10 Skyline, known as the Hakosuka.
One recent weeknight we both had some time, so I took a couple of pics of it.

Yes, wallpaper sized versions are coming.

4 Responses to “Box Car”

  1. Razvan Says:

    Mark,this is trully amazing.one of the best hakosuka photos ever…cheers

    And i can hardly wait for the wallpapers,hope you will make `em in various dimensions:D

  2. Justin Says:

    Stone cold grey. Love it.

  3. Rodney Forbes Says:

    That is seriously a cool car. Would love to see it in the flesh.

  4. Katia Hashimoto Says:

    Hi, My name is Katia. I’m from Brazil and want to write some words abaout this car Hakosuka. Well, can I use one of your photos in my blog? it’s amazing! I can post your link with the photo. Thank you.

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