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Easter show

April 10th, 2009 by admin

Took a day off from work to take my family to the Easter show, I just had to take my camera along too.

This was breakfast, it’s one potato attached to a drill and pushed through a spiral cutter. It’s almost continuous, and if it wasn’t for the dripping oil, would have been an awesome chip.

People take goats seriously.

Three little pigs. I’m liking pigs more and more, I think I’ll eat more bacon.

The kids always love the animals.

Lunch was a nice Weisswurst, a German pork sausage with curry sauce and mustard, along with onions and lots of sauerkraut, one of the better hot dogs I’ve had.

Plenty of pram parking.

Art cows.

The TV show MasterChef was being filmed in front of us, I didn’t get to sample their creations as a horde of school kids surrounded their stands just after I took this shot.

A few nice hot rods were on display out the front of the Dome, this one is actually a friends car.

Apple fish.

Our drift car was also on display in possibly the busiest hall in the show, the showbag hall.

The NSW police displayed an Evo X, that’s one car which I’d pull over for.

Racks of Fape hoodies.

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  1. Brenden Wood Says:

    Another huge crowd at the easter show today http://brendenwood.com.au/index.php/2009/04/large-crowd-at-sydney-royal-easter-show/

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