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Heart attack

April 7th, 2009 by admin

Dropping my equipment is always a fear of mine, and thankfully it hasn’t happened too often. Tonight it did and my heart skipped a few beats. I had the body on a tripod taking a shot of a potential location, adjusted the camera and as the ground was sloped, the weight of the body just tipped the tripod over on its side. When I picked it up, the lens was half attached to the body. At this point I felt like I was in a car crash. My main body was about to be toast. Having a broken lens mount isn’t something you can fix on the spot, and as my 5D is way out of warranty, it wasn’t going to be a cheap fix. After a bit of a jiggle I managed to remove the lens, quick grab another to test the body mount and it was fine. Phew.


The lens mount had the issue, and I noticed the screws were now loose and the mount looked barely attached. As soon as I returned home I tightened all the screws and everything now seems fine. Phew. Double phew. I didn’t want to be forced to pick up a 5DmarkII and 24-70 tomorrow at locally inflated prices. The body did suffer some new scratches (to go along with all the others) but that gives it character.

2 Responses to “Heart attack”

  1. kevin Says:


    Nice Battle scars and glad to hear it’s still working!!!

  2. Matthew Mead Says:

    haha ill still buy it off you :P

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