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March 31st, 2009 by admin

Here is another random pic from Japan earlier this year, this is Kumakubo’s new Evo X in the foreground, with the old Evo IX in the background. The IX was the car which almost dominated the D1GP year in 2007, winning rounds and cleaning up Exhibition events in the US. This happened to be the same event at which we took the Auto Salon Industrie S15 to, so were in awe of the car and driver.


The Evo X was Auto Salon Magazine’s issue 74 cover and it was a very long drive from central Tokyo to the K-Style workshop at Nihonmatsu, not to mention the A$80 in tolls we spent getting there. It was however, a worthwhile trip to see where these amazing cars live.

2 Responses to “Random”

  1. wally Says:

    i just wanted to know . do you have like a place where you have pictures where people can use as there desktop wallpapers? i really like ur photos coz i read auto salon .. buh auto salon website doesnt have photos for people to use as wallpaper .. at least not for the new magazines ..

    ps i shall use this picture as my phone wallpaper now .. ^^ ..

  2. admin Says:

    thanks for the kind words.
    I do have a few wallpapers on my friend Easton’s site, wallpapergarage.com

    Auto Salon is working on a new website which should have a good selection of wallpapers too.

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