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(Not so) Free Weekend

March 2nd, 2009 by admin

With last weekend being the first for this year where I didn’t have a job or event booked, it was time to tackle some odd jobs around the house which have been needing attention for a while. After mowing, edging and weeding the lawns, I had to replace an old screen we had the front of the house. This old thing was a real eye sore, 1970s white lattice, it was held in place with old coat hangers, and managed to move, read; fall off the balcony, during windy nights. A more modern and permanent solution was needed and here’s what I came up with;


It’s a plank of treated pine dynabolted to the house, with horizontal planks screwed in place. I did that good a job that Carol now has given me approval to tackle the same job in the backyard, on a much bigger scale.


$100 in wood, half a day cutting, drilling and screwing, and I impressed even myself. Now, do we stain and lacquer it, or paint it white?

3 Responses to “(Not so) Free Weekend”

  1. papz Says:

    hrmm, seems like your a couple of mm out here n there. lol =P

  2. Ed Says:

    Nice… should’ve used Merbau and stained it… might’ve taken all w/e though :p

  3. franks Says:

    you should paint it silver and put a massive black apple logo in the middle of it!


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