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Dawn Run Day

February 1st, 2009 by admin

This is something a group of friends used to do regularly a few years back. We used to pick a warm Sunday morning, get up at 6:30am, meet up in Sydney’s southern suburbs, drive through the Royal National Park’s Lady Wakehurst Drive, stop in Wollongong’s northern suburbs for breakfast and then hit the surf for a few waves. After a quick surf, we would take the freeway back and head home making it back in time for lunch. With Franky back in town, we brought the DRD back into 2009.

Quick stop to let the cars cool down at Stanwell Tops. I had a drive of Jeff‘s modded 135i and wow, what a car, it’s the complete package, amazing power, braking, handling and it’s so quiet and comfortable. My MX-5 had it’s roof off, and luckily there were sections of cloud, otherwise it would have been painful with the summer sun beating down.

Jeff’s 135i, my MX-5 and Brendan’s MX-5. The 135i has huge 6-pot brakes fitted as standard equipment.


Gavin brought along his relatively new Series 8 RX-7. Yup it’s an original Spirit-R and had everyone drooling over it’s looks, and performance. I reckon my car needs a sticker; “When I grow up I want to be an RX-7″ on it.


We hit the surf at Thirroul beach, Franky had bit of a boogie on my old Mach 7-SS. It used to be thee board to get back in the day, it rarely sees any action these days, so it was good to get out and catch a few waves on it.

I took a few pics, then the surf called me so I locked the camera up and hit the waves myself.

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  1. ross Says:

    mach 7-ss, classic!
    gotta love the old school boogers

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