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BBQ J-Style

January 31st, 2009 by admin


No it’s not another post from Japan, this is a favourite haunt of most of the ASM crew, and Charles took us there as thanks.

Japanese style BBQ is a great way to eat, you cook the food your way, so it’s super fresh and hot.

beef sashimi

Along with grilled meat, Koh-Ya also offers a good selection of sashimi style dishes, and their beef sashimi doesn’t last long when served.

Another popular raw dish is another kind of beef, called Yukke, it’s mixed with a raw egg yolk, we had 4 plates of this.

It’s not all meat however, mushrooms, corn, seafood and salads are all on the menu.

Being all you can eat, we filled the table with several plates of mixed meats, salads and the like, this was round 2.


Once we are filled to the brim with meats some fruit always goes down well.

And there’s always room for desert. The soft-serve cones are also unlimited, I stopped at one, Charles went for 3.
Thanks again!

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