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Cool Little Boxes

January 28th, 2009 by admin

ASM’s designer Garth picked up some new speakers today. After living with the typical crappy PC sub/sat system for a while, he finally saw the light and bought a proper set of speakers. AudioEngine2′s are a very popular speaker at the moment, for good reason. They are tiny, perform well, and are well priced. The size is their biggest appeal, they do sound much bigger and better than they look.

Once unboxed every component is individually wrapped in soft drawstring bags, making the system quite portable.

There are both 3.5mm and RCA connections for you to use, and cables are provided.

Available in either white or black, Garth chose the white for one reason alone, they were available. The black model has a 3 month wait. Still, I like the contrasting look, the carbon fibre driver stand out, and the black models would need dusting on a daily basis.

For best performance they needed to be raised a little to have the tweeters at near ear level, however they still sounded great right on the desk. Overall I was quite impressed, I think you can get slightly better sound for similar money, but that would mean a much larger speaker system and most likely a dedicated amp. For a complete solution that takes up very little room on a desk, the AudioEngine2′s are great.

2 Responses to “Cool Little Boxes”

  1. van Says:

    Very slick. That gold Gundam is pretty neat too.

  2. Carey Says:

    Still have to get these myself!

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