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R35 Nissan GT-R SpecV

January 15th, 2009 by admin

r35 specV

I popped into the Nissan Gallery at Ginza last night, thinking the new beast may have been on display. I was not wrong. Apparently no press has even seen it yet, so it’s quite amazing to have it already on display to the public. Overall I think the reaction of the car is a little disappointing, there should have been more. And it seems just like they have slapped on the Nismo parts already available and inflated the price dramatically. I see it as an even more exclusive version of Japan’s latest and possibly greatest (so far) performance car. That should never be seen as a bad thing. Click the image above for a youtube clip.

It’s a pity I only had my phone on me, I would love to shoot this car.

R35 GT-R specV
The only difference at the rear is the small SpecV badge (I wonder what the reason for the chance from V-spec is) and the oval/square exhaust outlets.

The pearl purple was a classic R34 colour, and the R35 does look ominous in this shade.

Dry carbon rear wing.

Those controversial wheels. Made by RAYS Engineering, they don’t instantly grab me as a classic design. They look functional rather than pretty.

The front has two changes, carbon brake cooling ducts in the lower lip and…

a carbon trim on the lower grille piece.

Possibly the biggest change are the brakes, Carbon Ceramic Brembos.

The rotating podium was lowered, so lets a take look inside.

No more rear seats, and I think the subwoofer system is now optional.

Behind the wheel, all is unchanged except for a tiny logo above the cruise control RES/ACL COAST/SET toggle.

That small green turbo logo signifies the addition of an overboost function boosting the mid range. It wasn’t a specific button, so my guess is that you hold the RES/ACL switch up and it enables the mode. Pity, a proper push to pass button would have been a lot cooler.

And the specs. 1680kg, which is 60kg lighter than the regular model. The biggest standout for me is the big number, Â¥15,750,000. That’s about A$270,000 or more than double what the standard model will retail for in Aus. Sure it’s a lot, but after seeing a $200 rockmelon, and $4000 Nike sneakers, it doesn’t sound that bad.

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