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Japan Days 1&2.

January 11th, 2009 by admin

We have been at Tokyo Auto Salon for the past two days, so I have been too busy shooting the show to take any blog specific shots, but here are some highlights.

This time we have an Aussie guiding us, Alexi Smith worked with us for a while, but has now moved to live the drifters life in Toyko. He has access to a car, and usable Japanese skills. He also had to pick up a cool JDM phone, flip, twist, and you are watching 1bit live TV.

alexis phone

Makuhari Messe is a huge facility, and perfectly suited to this type of event. The closest venue to this standard would be the Exhibition Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, but that entire venue would fit withing one of the halls at Makuhari.


While TAS is all about 4 wheeled rides, the odd bike does come up, this little guy was popping out of one of Honda’s new scooters. Too cool.


Lunch at shows in the western world is something I don’t look forward to, each and every venue I have been to has poor excuses for food, so its always refreshing to have something eatable available at a show. I had this chicken salad and steamed bun, which got me through the day fine. Washed down with melon soda of course.


fanta melon soda

Dinner was a traditional Japanese restaurant in Shibuya, and one of the highlights was this pork. It arrives on a small cooker resting on a soaked leaf. After the burner is lit, the pork slowly cooks. The size of the burner is perfectly timed to extinguish itself when the pork is ready, so once the flame burns out, it was time to sample the brilliance of this pork.


Photos uploaded, check them out in a future issue of Auto Salon Magazine.


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  1. Mike.V Says:

    Melon Fanta looks so awesome.

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