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Japan 2009 Day 0.5

January 9th, 2009 by admin

Got to the airport at a bright and early 7 AM, the morning traffic was non existent. I was flying JAL, and after walking past the Jetstar line, I was very thankful of that.



The 9 hour flight was made all the more tolerable by the fact that couple who was meant to sit next to be, moved to a further row back, perfect, 3 seats to myself. Unfortunately the IFE was not working for the first couple of hours, so I was glad I had my iriver clix, N95, and laptop. I only ended up using the iriver, and got through most of a season of Entourage on the way there. Finally got to Shibuya at around 9pm local time, and the first thing I went for, was one of my favourite desserts anywhere:

Haagen Dazs Caramel Crispy Sandwich

3 Responses to “Japan 2009 Day 0.5”

  1. michaelv Says:

    what the hell is that Mark

    and what are you shooting in Japan?

  2. admin Says:

    haha it’s heaven in a packet. It’s sort of like a 5-star Monaco bar, super thin and crispy wafer, around ice cream covered in crunchy caramel chocolate. It’s rich and buttery, but the 3 layers of various textures makes it truly special. I met up with some lads from Sydney in Tokyo today, and the first thing I told them to do was to have one of these. They are all thanking me and asking for more recommendations.

  3. michaelv Says:

    your description makes me want one.

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