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First R35 GT-R

September 25th, 2008 by admin

R35 GT-R

I spotted this just outside the Newcastle Entertainment Centre during the recent Auto Salon event held there. We think its the first Registered (at least in NSW) Nissan GT-R.
Even the security guard at the gate was impressed.
Photo taken with a Nokia N95.

2 Responses to “First R35 GT-R”

  1. Michael V Says:

    Wow! I see heaps of v35′s but nothing like this beauty!
    Glad to see you’re giving the blog a facelift.
    I’ll bookmark the blog ;)

  2. matthew Says:

    i was there when it pulled up it was nice sounded nice and was 4 sale….$180 sumthing thousand, i managed 2 get a few pics, we were impressed

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