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More Fapes

December 29th, 2008 by admin

Fake Bape gear has been blogged about on various sites in my network, however walking past a $2 dollar shop near a suburban Sydney train station I saw this:


Individually wrapped in printed bags, large cardboard tags, prints on the front and back, and sewn on sleeve bape logos, they were some of the best quality Fapes I have seen. The price blew my mind. $2. You can’t buy a no name totally blank t-shirt for $2. Amazing. I guess it has reduced the appeal of this formerly cool Japanese brand for me. I was never a massive fan, but I do own an original Bape hoodie I picked up on one of my Japanese trips. It’s a black label one, and quite subtle compared to some of the more outlandish designs, so it is not one I see copied at all. That along with a pair of bape jeans I have, are the only two Bape products I own, and now, I doubt I will buy any more. I do however have a few Ice Cream t-shirts, the sister brand of Bape, which has so far escaped the counterfeiters. It’s a tough situation for the owners of brands such as this, sure it’s flattering to have your product copied, however it does diminish the appeal of the brand when good quality copies are being sold at these sort of prices. An original Bape t-shirt can go for $130. Sure people buying $2 t-shirts are not going to pay that sort of money for any t-shirt, but the customers who are willing to pay big bickies for a premium label may now chose to spend their money elsewhere. Perhaps if it was priced at a midrange price point the brand may have become more accessible and mainstream, making it less likely to be copied? But then it may not have been as appealing, making the road to success that much more difficult. Tough call.

2 Responses to “More Fapes”

  1. Andy Says:

    I was (i guess i still am)A Bathing Ape fan… I have a few tees and some sneakers but have stopped wearing the stuff generally as people will think its fake, although it like yours is the plainer stuff so doesn’t get faked. Go to any hip hop concert and see the number of fake items out there and laugh; i think a fape stand at Auto Salon would make millions.

    That is the most interesting aspect of the Fape market – it is its own label now; besides ripping off the basic characters and designs the newer fapes aren’t really fakes. They don’t mimic a real design, they are designed like no real BAPE products, often not even resembling an original design – there has to be a bunch of dudes in an office with the bape / baby milo logo ripping it off in new and exciting fashions (pardon the pun) People will still try and sell fake bape on ebay as the real thing but that market is nothing compared to this new fape…

    When a new t-shirt retails for 60,000Yen it isnt that expensive label, (keep in mind supreme, the hundreds, undftd are similar) by the time the Aussie mark up hits and its $150 AUS it is… Dad recently went to the UK store with a work mate and was intrigued with the brand and the fact i wanted a pair of undies :P (25pounds) The lustre of the brand is what made it…

    Nigo did huge things with the brand in terms of marketing and making the product exclusive, when asked about the number of fape items on the market he wasnt phased as the people who want real bape, know real bape and buy real bape – when they see kids from the shire in XXXL hoodies they arent phased…. I find it humorous… especially the fact the kids wearing the white hoodies dont feel the need to ever wash them…

    /end rant

  2. Mike.V Says:

    The Fape phenomenon has kinda ruined Bape for me as well. It’s an incredible shame, because there’s nothing else really like it out there.

    Btw, Andy, ¥60,000 is $1000. :P

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