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a small ego boost

December 17th, 2008 by admin

BEL garage evo IX
It’s always nice to see your work in place you don’t entirely expect to. With last weekends Final Battle well and truly over, I’ll post another pic from the weekend. Here is the Tilton Interiors/BEL Garage EVO IX, which I photographed a while ago at Wakefield Park. The owner was also nice enough to let me have a drive of the car around the track, which was quite an experience. It is an amazing car, massive power with amazing response, unbelievable grip and handling, and brakes to match. Anyway, the car was proudly displaying one of my rig shots from the feature of it in Auto Salon Magazine.

One Response to “a small ego boost”

  1. Michelle Davidson Says:

    Awesome, a well deserved ego boost though lol

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