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December 11th, 2008 by admin


I heard about Din Tai Fung a while back but yet haven’t had a chance to sample it for myself. Until tonight. It’s famous for its steamed dumplings, which are a unique style, filled with a soup type of liquid. I’m a massive fan of dumplings, they are even a traditional Polish dish, known as Pierogi. Asian style dumplings are different, in that they have a greater variety of styles and fillings. DTF do dumplings very well, possibly the best I have had.


These juicy steamed pork dumplings were just delicious.


Some pork mince and beans on the side,

fried rice

along with pork fried rice.

clean plates

Clean plates at the end means that everyone enjoyed their dinner. It’s not the cheapest place, you need to spend around $40 per person for a big dinner, but the quality of the food is very high.


3 Responses to “DTF”

  1. ed Says:

    There’s a Shanghai place in Ashfield that is just as good. I’ll get the name of the place for you as all I know is how to get there :p

  2. Mark Pakula Says:

    is this the place:


    must visit.

  3. ed Says:

    yep that’s the one!!!

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