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Archive Image 1.2

December 9th, 2008 by admin

TRD Super2000 Corolla

Here is an image from a day I will not soon forget. Just before I took this rig shot, I was lucky enough to be taken around the dirt roads near Canberra, in the TRD Super 2000 Corolla. Driven by ARC Champion Neal Bates, I was totally blow away by the car and Neal’s skill behind the wheel. It really did change my perspective on driving skill and rally cars in general.

3 Responses to “Archive Image 1.2”

  1. Linhbergh Says:

    That is an absolutely STUNNING shot. Congrats dude.

    I would imagine the buildup to this shot was a journey of remembrance in itself like you mentioned. great work!

  2. papz Says:

    yeah one of my favourites too, if you know what i mean =D

  3. Mike.V Says:

    Holy crap Mark. That’s one hell of a shot.

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