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Pad Change

November 28th, 2008 by admin

Project Mu
I’ve had quite a few different brake pads compounds on my car, so when it was time to swap out the pads on the family chariot, our Honda Accord Euro, I decided to go for something slightly better than OEM. I have heard lots of positive reports about the Project Mu range of brakes and pads, so their Bestop pads were my choice. Changing the pads on the Euro is simple, being a floating caliper, simply unbolt the bottom bolt flip the caliper up, and swap away. So far the pads are noticeably better performing that OEM, with better initial bite and less fade, although I haven’t pushed them hard enough to really test them out. Brake dust will also be an interesting feature to observe, the OE pads are quite dusty. The PMU pads were significantly cheaper than what Honda charge for OE pads, and with their performance being as good if not better in my early drives, they are a good choice. Pick them up from www.project-mu.com.au

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