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Yin vs Yang

November 6th, 2008 by admin

This image is a few years old, but really shows how dominant one brand of cameras was in the pro sports market.


Taking a similar picture today would show a lot more black lenses (Yes I know that you can option Nikon lenses in grey), as Nikon has really stepped up with their D3 body. I have used both systems and currently am heavily invested in the Canon system, as they released the first affordable full frame DSLR; the EOS 5D. I picked up mine about 3 years ago, I bought it at B&H in New York. That was a fun day, we walked in, dropped $15k on a Canon system, and the guys at the store thought nothing of it. Do that in a store in Sydney and they will be celebrating for weeks. Up until then, I had Nikon film and Digital SLRs, as well as a Bronica ETRS 645 system. I had the Nikon’s every since high school, and they were my choice cus I loved the Nikon F4 compared to Canons offerings back in the early 90s. Both of my mentors back then had used both systems, and one had Nikon and the other Canon. So they were really no help. The D1 and D2 series of Nikon bodies were nice to use, but lacked a bit of performance from their sensors. This has now changed. The D3 is a great cam, with what seems to be excellent speed and performance, especially in low light. The next cams will also be very interesting, the 5DmarkII does break into new ground with its video capabilities, and the rumours about the D3X are also very interesting. Competition improves the breed.

2 Responses to “Yin vs Yang”

  1. Steve K Says:

    Markus, I wait patiently to see what your upgrade path will be. So far, from what I have seen, the high ISO performance of that 5D mkII is comparable with that of the D3 and the mpx size is already comparable to the upcoming D3X. I’m not using my current 5D in a professional capacity so the upgrade path for me will be Canon as I don’t want to have to sell lenses and buy them again in Nikon form.

    But yes, the landscape has changed.

  2. Kyle Says:

    Well written Mark.. I’ll admit, if I had no gear and wanted to spend some money it would be VERY hard to choose between either brand, neither has a lead at the moment. Apart from perhaps the resolution of the 1ds3.. but that’s out of my reach.

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