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What to do when you can’t get home.

November 4th, 2008 by admin

On a recent trip to Melbourne we were due to fly out of Tullamarine at around 8:30pm. After sitting on the plane for about a half an hour, the pilot announced that they were lacking a co-pilot and they were trying to source a replacement. A further 30 minutes or so and the flight was cancelled. They were not able to find a replacement co-pilot to get the plane in time to make the Sydney Airport curfew. I offered my services, but 2 hours on Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t enough apparently.

Closed flight

So we had a plane-full of annoyed passengers, and 3-4 staff members to get through it all. Basically good airlines like Qantas and VirginBlue will provide you with accommodation, Jetstar apparently force you to take care of yourself.

If you have several people in your party you can get:
1. A hotel room each. (why not)
2. 2 cab charges each. (the ones we received had a shelf life of about 2 years)
Usually, they fill the better hotels first, so it’s a safer bet to line up first, however, we did hear of a group on our flight, who got to their hotel, to find out it was booked out (after they were sent there) so they were rebooked at Crown Towers, one of the best hotels in Melbourne.

Also, try find out exactly what you are entitled to, for instance, we were told to feel free to make some phone calls from your hotel, order dinner, have a drink, etc. Once we arrived at the hotel, a letter was placed in our rooms saying one free 3 minute phone, dinner and breakfast were covered by the airline. Any movies or Alcoholic drinks were not covered. I ordered, dinner, dessert and a drink, with the bill came to around $45. The next morning while checking out we were told that the airline only covered dinner up to $20 and that I would have to cover the rest. This was not described in the letter and I will be posting that invoice to the airline.

The airline did rebook us on a flight the next morning, however they were also quite full, and we had very little choice on which flight we could go on. We had a 8am flight, to had to leave the hotel rather early, around 6am.

While waiting at the airport, our stage crew just had to jump online and check:


Yup, you guessed it, Facebook and Myspace.

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  1. Steve K Says:

    It’s amazing how often you see people paying to check their facebook. I mean really, has it come to this?

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