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October 20th, 2008 by admin

X6 not a coupe

I saw my first BMW X6 on the street today. Not a bad looking thing, it is becoming quite popular for some weird reason. One thing which really irks me about this car however, is the fact that BMW are calling it a “Sports Activity Coupe’”. I have always believed that a coupe is a two door vehicle. How is a 2.1 tonne, 4.8 metre, four wheel drive, four door truck a coupe? Yes I know that in some cases a 4 door sedan can be called a coupe if it is lacking a B-pillar. But in the X6′s case, it has one. Sure it’s black, but it’s still there. Maybe the cramped rear seating qualifies it as coupe? It’s similar to calling a Golf GTi a sports car and a Federal 595RS a semi-slick. This kind of marketing is annoying.

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