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Motor Show.

October 20th, 2012 by admin

I haven’t blogged in a while. I’m happy microblogging.
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It’s motorshow time again, I thought I’d put a few pics here. Perhaps as a swan song to the blog.

I have been to every Sydney Motor Show since 1988. My father used to always take me with some friends. It was probably the highlight of my year in many ways. We used to catch the train up from Wollongong, walk down to Darling Harbour from Central, hit the show, collect tonnes for brochures, sit in as many cars as we could, and be home before sunset.

The last 8-10 years I’ve been doing the media days, which is good and bad. Good that you get to see all the theatre of the unveils. Bad that if you follow the circus you have to fight to get a decent spot.

This year I was there to oversee the Forza Horizon stand, which is awesome, and managed to have a walk around and take a couple of pics as well.

Lexus LF-LC
I really liked this design. The rear tail lights were mind blowing, and the C pillar was from another world. I’m no fan of the LF-A, but this blew me away. Pity it was the only car Lexus displayed, I was interested in having a closer look at the new GS.

Toyota 2000GT and 86.

Toyota had a pretty large stand as usual, and good theatre with a flash mob introducing the new Corolla.
The eight six (no it’s not called an eighty-six) was tucked away in the back, with a 2000GT infront. Definitely the highlight of the stand.

New Corolla
The new Corolla looks ok, fresh enough, but all of these new small-medium hatch backs are starting too look like each other.

Infiniti cirque de soleil
Infiniti launched their stand (and brand) with Cirque Du Soleil doing a bit of a show which was cool but lacked a bit of energy, it needed louder music and better lighting. The cars are great, I’ve been in a few of the Nissan equivalents in Japan, and love the big M sedan. I do think they are pretty pricey here, ~$90k when they should be $70k. They don’t have the Lexus interior quality, but are probably better to drive (enthusiastically)

Subaru BRZ
Subaru had a typical stand, with a race spec BRZ being the highlight. The STi (riced) BRZ did nothing for me, I bet all those STi bits are crazy expensive, and they really do next to nothing in making the car more appealing. I sat in it, and really like the interior. Still yet to drive one.

Ford’s stand really impressed me. Lofty, minimalist, and only showing 3 cars. At first I thought, what are they doing, but then realised they have a drive experience stand out the front of halls 1-2 with the rest of their range. A bit of a risk, as not everyone enters the venue via those halls, so they could completely miss the other cars. Still, this stand looked amazing. A massive plain white box on the outside, and an amazing space inside. 9x $100k each Barco projectors were responsible for the visuals, and it looked amazing.

The concept looked pretty cool, if a little cheaply finished interior wise.

Elements of this will be used in the new Falcon apparently.

Here’s a section dedicated to Lamborghini. I have to say I’m more of a Ferrari fan, I liked the Lambo’s more when VAG didn’t own them. Still, you can’t deny their awesomeness.

So intimidating. That is a shot of the rear brakes. Probably larger than most supercars front. And the badge, 700. Yup this thing has 700hp. You better have something that runs 9s before taking this on.

Part of the reason why I’m more of a Ferrari fan. Their interiors are a bit colder, a bit more German. Sure they work now, but still. I want crazy.

And I got it. They had the Sesto Elemento. Wow. 570hp, which doesn’t sound that crazy these days, but this thing weights under 1000kg. With an AWD system. 0-100 in 2.6. Not bad.

Love the rear view. That’s the rear transaxle hanging low.

Crazy from every angle.

Loved the interior too, maybe the wheel was a little thin.

Probably my favourite angle. Exhaust.

They exit angled up just under the rear wing, perhaps it’s an F1 style downforce thing.

Even the heat extraction design looks great.

Of corse the Motor show is always full of eye candy of a different kind, and our stand had 4 stunning models, there will be 4 models there every day of the show.

Who also loved the game.

And we did have a car too :)

A few more random thoughts.

No Audi, no BMW, so Mercedes had a massive stand, good on em.

Lots of Koreans making waves. Hyundai looked ok, Kia so so. Kia had some big new sedan that I thought was a 5 series BMW at first glance, then I looked at it. Panels were soo far off, it wasnt funny, they still have a long way to go.

Mazda and Nissan were ok, Mazda had the new 6 which looks a bit funny in the Sedan, but fantastic in the wagon, the sedans rear is too soft compared to the aggressive front. New CX-9 looked great, updated NC MX-5 looked great too, but with the 86 its about 15-20k too expensive. Hope the ND is closer.

New Range Rover is awesome.
I loved the top spec Nissan Patrol too.

Mitsubishi’s stand was weak, the new Mirage looked terrible, especially in Pink with the tiny black wheels.

Bye for now.

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