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4 Wheels Bad?

October 13th, 2008 by admin

CBR600 dash
I rode the odd bike when I was a kid. There was always someone I knew who had one and always a time and place to have a go. I’ve always liked bikes but have deliberately stayed away, as I have know too many people who have been seriously injured or worse still killed on motor bikes. That didn’t stop me taking a colleagues CBR600 around our car park.

Dont do this at home
Don’t do this at home.

Now I have ridden a couple of 250s, and 125s around the place, and they did little to convince me. But this was different. This felt nice. This felt natural and easy. I’m not about to go get one, but it did get me thinking. And with the drama’s I’ve been having with my car of late (more on that later), they do make some sense.

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