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September 7th, 2010 by admin

A while ago, Carol and I picked up a few skateboard decks on some crazy sales. Last week the hardware needed to turn the decks into boards arrived. I bought truck packs for Carol and CJs boards, and mine was a little more customised. I went for softer and larger wheels, as well as wider trucks for my deck. My favourite part are the Bones Ceramic bearings, they just keep on rollin. Now all I have to do is “wake up and smell the concrete.”

Skateboard Hardware

I’ll get some shots of the complete decks after all three are built.

3 Responses to “Hardware”

  1. Herman Says:

    Risers are for losers.

  2. Justin Fox Says:


  3. Chris Wiewiora Says:

    Haha I have bones super swiss 6 bearings on my Loaded Dervish and they are pretty damn quick, hence my accident. So be careful with the Ceramics hehe but they are awesome bearings. I would recommend getting new bushings for your trucks as the stock ones are never that good. Maybe try getting some Kiro(I can give you some) or even better ones such as Venom and Sabre. Try mixing them up too so have stiffer ones on the bottom and loser ones on top which will give you more carvy trucks while still having a bit of stability. You will be surprised by the difference in your ride and doesn’t cost much.

    This is a good site to get gear from(cheap and good service)

    Good luck Mark and have fun ;)

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