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From the archives: Mad Mike

August 22nd, 2010 by admin

Mike is a Kiwi who is known the world over. In 2007 on our trip with the Auto Salon Industrie S15 to D1 in L.A., I shot his car for Auto Salon Magazine.
Mad Mike RX-7

It’s car that made a lasting impression on me, and I think it looked it’s best in the Digital Camo Mike designed for it.

Mad Mike RX-7 Front
Mike now competes with an RX-8 in the U.S. based Formula D series, and his RX-7 wears Redbull livery.

Mad Mike RX-7 Engine
The car made a big impression at the World All Star event, with it’s open exhaust and crazy three rotor setup, the engine note was insane.

Mad Mike RX-7 Engine close
Most of this is custom made.

Mad Mike RX-7 Rear
FD RX-7′s are always a good looking car, but when its about impact nothing beats a wide body.

Mad Mike RX-7

2 Responses to “From the archives: Mad Mike”

  1. caseydhnaram Says:

    you rock markp

  2. GK Says:

    Great car and amazing photos! The location suits the car well.

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