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Golf R

August 10th, 2010 by admin

VW Golf R
Finally back home after the following trips; Perth, Uluru, Melbourne and Adelaide in the space of 2 weeks. In between those trips I had a few jobs on, one of which was test driving the new Golf R. I was quite impressed with this car, it’s a real competitor to the WRX STi and Evo X, and comes in significantly cheaper than either option.

VW Golf R
When the car was first announced I was a little sad to see the V6 disappear, however a turbocharged 4-cylinder can often result in better performance.

VW Golf R Headlight
I wasn’t too excited about the looks, until I saw it in the flesh. The details are impressive.

VW Golf R track
The venue for this test drive was Camden Airport, and we used basically the same track layout as Top Gear Australia. I was pretty impressed with the track, it wasn’t all dead flat as I thought it would be, and it was actually quite fun having all that space marked by witches hats.

The brakes were up to par also. Surviving several punishing laps.

VW Golf R exhaust
One this I did like about the new Golf R was that they kept the twin central exhaust, similar to the Mark V R32.

VW Golf R engine
Under the bonnet isn’t that impressive to look at, but the 188kW is plenty to get the car moving. On the runway straight I did glance at the speedo on one of my laps, to see it nudging 180km/h. It certainly didn’t feel like it.

VW Golf R Annette Melton
Joining me on this test drive was NineMSN presenter Annette Melton. She loved the car too.

VW Golf R Annette Melton
We both had a chance to take the Golf R out on the track, and for some reason the brakes on my car were a little hotter than Annettes. I drove a manual, while Annette’s Golf was equipped with a dual-clutch DSG.

VW Golf R
It was pretty cool to play Stig for a day.

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