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J.O.B. – from Uluru

July 28th, 2010 by admin

I’m at Uluru for a few days covering a conference. I have a nice hotel room at Sails in the Desert, and what better way to make use of it than to jump on the bed.

Jumping on Beds
Tried to hold up the ceiling here.

Jumping on Beds
Yup, the rock is pretty special. It might just be a huge rock in the middle of the arid landscape, but just looking at it creates emotion, so here is my meditating jump.

Jumping on Beds
Lets to get horizontal.

Jumping on beds animation
I left my pocket wizards at home (purposely) so I put the 1D on selftimer and bracket, meaning it fired 7 shots at a rate pf 10 frames per second. So I thought lets make an animation of it, I like how you can see me bounce back off the bed.

3 Responses to “J.O.B. – from Uluru”

  1. pourna Says:

    This interesting.
    Your main job is to photograph the car?
    I want you to know
    Having a good day.

  2. Timm Says:

    Hahaha nice one!
    hope you post some pics of the scenery

  3. Rachel Says:

    The first photo looks great.

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