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July 21st, 2010 by admin

FUEL Magazine
With so many print magazines in a state of flux, and many even shutting up shop completely, it would seem like a strange time to start a new magazine. FUEL is a new magazine that has just released it’s fourth issue, but after looking at it, deserves to succeed. FUEL oozes cool. It’s format is as unique as most of it’s subject matter, it’s significantly smaller than most magazines, but that just adds to the appeal in many ways.

FUEL Magazine wrapping
One thing which made me appreciate the dedication and passion in this magazine was how it arrived. It came in what looked like was hand wrapped tissue paper, sealed with a cool little sticker. It was like receiving a present.

FUEL Magazine stickers
Once opened the presents continued with a sweet contact card and a sticker. Stickers are always great.

Fuel content
Not to mention the content, which is enough of a present as it is.

Most good newsagents should stock it, if not, check the website out: www.fuelzine.com

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