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It Begins….

July 19th, 2010 by admin

Auto Photo Workshop Logo
I’m about to launch a series of Automotive Photography Workshops.
These will be one-day intensive workshops, focusing on the various aspects of automotive photography. The first will be in Sydney later in the year and will focus on Location feature shoots. However, each workshop will provide tuition on most of the various aspects of car photography.

More info will soon follow, please visit my new AutoPhotoWorkshop site: http://www.autophotoworkshop.com/ and register your interest.

2 Responses to “It Begins….”

  1. GK Says:

    Hi Mark, Tried registering interest in the workshop, but it keeps saying “field required” for the state field. So I’ll just register my interest here. Sydney, Location/Motorsports. Thanks, Gk

  2. admin Says:

    Form is fixed. Thanks!

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