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Alan Wake

April 30th, 2010 by admin

Alan Wake is a new game that comes out in May, and I was recently involved in a preview event, where selected gamers experienced the game in a unique environment.

The location was called QStation, the North Head Quarantine centre. Over 500 people died there, and it’s known as the most haunted area in all of Australia. Being such a dark and immersive game, it was really suited to this type of test.

There definitely was a creepy vibe to the place.

The game was played in some of the most haunted rooms with heart monitors and video cameras to capture the player’s reactions, and the official website with more of my photos is here.

2 Responses to “Alan Wake”

  1. wilch Says:

    Heys! My g/f was nearly invited to that, but went to the “sane” dinner party with the dev’s instead.

    Awesome that you got to do the photography!

  2. wilch Says:

    oh, and LOL at the possum!!! I think I would’ve pee’d a little.

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