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How to: Shoot Food

April 28th, 2010 by admin

Similar to my “How to: Shoot Concerts” post, here is a brief outline of how I photograph food.
This does depend a lot more on what the client wants. If the product is destined to be on a restaurant’s menu, I will shoot it quite differently to how I would shoot an editorial feature on food.

Repeat business is a very good thing for a photographer, it means you are at the very least, doing a good job. Last year my favourite Korean restaurant in Sydney, Min Young To, asked me to shoot their new lunch menu. Recently they had developed a new dinner menu, and once again asked me to shoot their latest spread. Being open 24 hours, MYT has a wide range of dishes, so a huge amount of shots were taken.

My setup for this type of shoot has evolved from shooting products for various magazines, and consists of a portable white plastic background, two 580EX’s with shoot through umbrellas, triggered by pocket wizards. All easy to transport and setup on site.

This set up gives me lots of flexibility for angles and lighting and results in clean images perfect for a menu, or backlit signs.
I usually use my Canon 100mm Macro lens for these, which gives a good working distance and super sharp results.

Below is a 100% crop of the above shot.

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