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March 15th, 2010 by admin

This post is for my Northern Hemisphere friends, who don’t really know the awesomeness that is a Kebab.
These days it’s rare for me to have one, but after a night out, at 2AM, there is nothing better.

In the U.S. Kebabs or Kabobs (lol) are thought of as anything on a skewer. Here is Aus, it’s mainly the Turkish population, who have introduced this ingenious dinner in a packet to us.

Personally, I always go for Beef. Lamb is ok, but then its a Yerros not a Kebab.

TASTY. You have no idea.

Kebab in Bokeh. I go beef, lettuce, tomato, Tabouli and Homous with BBQ sauce.
I guess the closest U.S. equivalent would probably be a Burrito.

5 Responses to “Kebabs”

  1. Will Roegge Says:

    Drools. I will be in Australia for the World Time Attack Championships, you going? I want a proper Aussie Kebab. We have a similar dish, Gyro – kabob’d meat in a pita.

  2. admin Says:

    yupo, i’ll be there and I’m take you to the best Kebabs in town ;)

  3. Martijn Says:

    Well, actually over here in the Netherlands it’s really comon to eat some kebab after a night out partying! :P

  4. aleks.B Says:

    HAHAH great post i suggest going to brothers kebabs in rockdale theyare really good I often go there.

  5. big mike Says:

    ha! thats my local kebab spot. hahah small world!
    chester hill borderline bass hill lol.. they make a mean kebab too

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