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The Business

March 12th, 2010 by admin

On our flight to Japan this year, we ended up flying to Tokyo via Singapore, as we had to coordinate people arriving from various cities, using Singapore as the hub meant that we all arrived in Tokyo at the same time.

It was my first time on the A380, and while it’s a pretty ugly plane from the outside, it was very very comfortable. It’s so smooth, when taking off, you barely notice it accelerate or lift off. The engines are exceptionally quiet, and as such, the other plane noises stand out more. Extending the flaps for landing is very noisy downstairs.

Economy class was nice enough with decent room. The seats were not as good as those on VAustralia, they were noticeably wider. I sat upstairs and downstairs, and as far forward downstairs is my vote. It’s smoother than up at the back.

The screen is 10.6 inches and the entertainment is pretty good.

Food in economy was edible, a little better than both VAus and Qantas in recent memory. VAus did have the cool feature in that a bar was available midflight with snacks and drinks.

Coming into Narita we had some decent tail winds, and I think I set a new personal record for the fastest I’ve ever been, 1267km/h but we did hit a peak of 1278km/h when I was waiting for the restroom.

On the route back from Singapore to Sydney William and I were lucky enough to sample Business Class. Thanks Charles!

On the SQ A380 Business is better than a lot of airlines first class. The seats are amazing. The A380 is a widebody jet, with 3,4,3 seats in Economy. In Business it’s 1,2,1. Everyone has an isle seat.

You could fit two people in that single seat.

Entree. It was great. Table cloths, amazing French wine, yeah I could get used to this.

Main was a steak cooked to my taste. I’ve paid for worse meals than this.

The seat folds in half to make a fully flat bed, however even in the seating position there is more than enough leg room. My 6’2″ frame fit in the footrest with room to spare. The screen is 15.4 inches however the content is identical to economy, so the picture looks a little more pixelated than on the 10-inch screens. Powered noise-cancelling headphones are also provided. The console is awesome too, with nice storage compartments and hooks for your gear.

Look where the seatbelt comes out, its easily 1.5 times a regular seat.

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