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Big Boxes

September 30th, 2008 by admin


Now I know MX-5′s are small cars, but in my day to day driving I don’t really feel it. I can fit a surprising amount of camera gear in it and rarely ferry passengers. In helping out a friend with some video work, I took my car into a container yard. Driving along side a constant stream of massive trucks with equally massive containers on their trailers sure made my car feel like a toy. The fork lifts that pick up and move the containers around are huge, so tippy toeing my roofless MX-5 around the yard with huge heavy metal boxes 10 meters above my head felt a little unnerving.

One Response to “Big Boxes”

  1. Linhbergh Says:

    oh sweet!! I’ve never seen your car on the web before. We need more photos!

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