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Christmas 2010

December 25th, 2010 by admin

Christmas is a family time for us, so we usually spend quite a bit of time driving.
This year we spent most of the time at my sister’s place down at Watsons Bay.

We are really lucky living in Australia to be able to spend Christmas on a day like this.

CJP pulling funny faces.

His royal face.

Cousin Charlie thought it was still Movember.

While Livie’s face was all chocolate.

Meanwhile, the grown ups feasted. I didn’t complain when I was asked to take some ham home.


December 5th, 2010 by admin

Wedding Bride
Even though rain was forecast. Even though I was totally drained from a week of long shoots. Sometimes everything works.

Wedding Bride and Groom Cliff
Congratulations to Adam and Hayley.

$24,000,000 JOB

December 4th, 2010 by admin

I’ve just wrapped up a week long event where I was at a very impressive house. HPHouse was a series of events showcasing some of HP’s new range including the Beats by Dr. Dre equipped laptops.

HP House Sydney
The house is very impressive. Amazing location, perfect layout. During my time I was thinking what I would change about it. And the only two things I thought of was to make the downstairs games room a dedicated home theater, and make the garage a little bigger to fit say 5-6 cars instead of the 3-4 it’s curently capable of fitting.

The Apprentice Australia House
The house was used for the first season of the Australian Apprentice. The low res screen shot shows the position, but watch the clip from the show to get a proper feel for it. (click the image)

Jumping on Beds HP House
When I had a few minutes spare between events, I had to do my JOB in the master bedroom.

Jumping on Beds HP House Sydney
Since the only branded product I had with me was the HPHouse pillow, I thought, lets try a floating sleeping shot.

Jumping on Beds HP House Sydney
It’s difficult to sleep in zero gravity.

Jumping on Beds HP House Sydney
Holding up the ceiling again.

Jumping on Beds HP House Sydney
Maximum height.

Jumping on Beds HP House Sydney
The floater.

Jumping on Beds HP House Sydney
G-Star jeans aren’t the best for trying the splits.

The HPHouse also has a pretty cool website of its own, check it out here.